Ways to tighten loose skin after weight loss:fully enjoy your weight loss

As much as you are happy that you have lost as much weight as you desired, there might be something that is dampening your joy.Thus loose skin,either all over your body or on some specific parts of your body.Well, you don’t have to worry because there are ways to tighten loose skin after weight loss,so you can fully enjoy your weight loss.Really you can’t regret this good decision you made, of losing weight.It was really a good one.

Now let us complete this good decision you made, of losing weight, with a really happy ending.When discussing the ways to tighten loose skin after weight loss,I will be doing so taking into consideration the fact that most of people who are worried by loose skin after losing weight are those that have reached their targeted weight loss.But also, I do understand that there will be still those who can still push a little more,so as to get rid of that stubborn subcutaneous fat.

Ways to tighten loose skin after weight loss will indeed include ways of getting rid of subcutaneous fat.Subcutaneous fat is often one of the causes of loose skin after losing weight.Because it doesn’t just go away easily with most of weight loss programs.Below let us look at some of the methods we can apply to deal with loose skin after weight loss.


This is a solution befitting only to those who still can push a little more to shed some more weight and in the process tone their bodies,thus tightening their skin.Hence I don’t recommend exercising as a way to tighen loose skin after weight loss to those who has already reached their desired weight through whatever weight loss program they employed.Because exercising, will together with tightening the skin also result in more weight loss.

I know you might have chosen a different weight loss program from exercise because you didn’t want to bulk-up whilst losing weight in a first place. But don’t worry about bulking-up,because you still can exercise and not bulk-up.A trick is just to do high number of repetitions with lighter weights.Which means you can do any exercise.Anyway you have lost weight already.Therefore I assume you are lighter yourself.Which means you can even use your body and not equipment,when exercising.

Skin firming creams and oils“>

This solution is recommended for anyone who has loose skin due to weight loss.Whether you say I can’t or I can loose more weight.The effects of creams and oils is often subtle.Results can be seen immediately but they don’t last long.Most of them help in increasing collagen production.Collagen refers to a family of proteins that are the primary structural component of connective tissues.Skin being one of those tissues.

Here are some of creams and oils that can help with revitalization of your skin collagen, that is needed for your skin elasticity.

  • Retinoid – It prevents free radical damage in the skin that can negatively affect collagen.Therefore you can just get yourself a firming cream with retinoid or retinoid itself.Retinoid also helps with increased production of collagen.
  • Collagen – You can buy collagen in a cream form at any of the participating outlets.It helps by maintaining skin elasticity and prevent loose skin.
  • Grapeseed oil – This is a natural remedy to the loose skin. It is derived from the pressed grape seeds during the process of winemaking. It has been shown to tighten the skin and improve skin elasticity when applied topically.


As already said above, under the previous heading that the skin elasticity and prevention of wrinkles is dependent on collagen, supplements that we are going to discuss here are also going to relate to collagen as well. Those are :

  • Collagen hydrolysate – It will help supplement your skin natural collagen and as a result promote elasticity which will result in tightening of your skin.“>
  • Protein – Amino acids found in proteins (lysine and proline) are essential building blocks of collagen. Therefore proteins are an essential building blocks of collagen, thus helping with skin elasticity and skin tightening.
  • Vitamin c – Vitamin c is also needed in the synthesis of collagen. Therefore it is also advisable to put it in the equation when solving the issue of loose skin. It will help revive your natural skin collagen and thereby bring back your skin elasticity.
  • Gelatin – It is a cooked animal collagen. It is normally used in jolly and gummy candies. It is a source of Amino acids called glycine which is also a building block of your body collagen.

Lose more weight

Once again, like in the exercise heading above, it pains me to say to you after you have done such a great job of losing weight, lose more. But this approach as is the case with exercise is directed more specifically to those who are saying we can still lose more weight than we already have. But to those who say, no we cannot lose more weight than we already have then I will suggest they go with the other methods discussed here.

As mentioned above, there is this stubborn fat called subcutaneous fats that does not go away easily during most of weight loss programs. This kind of fats is sometimes a reason to loose skin after weight loss. Because when you lose weight, fat called vescirous fat is lost easily and subcutaneous fat remain. That is why sometimes when you pinch yourself you are able to have a sizeable amount of flesh in your hand or fingers.

Therefore if you are able to have a sizeable amount of flesh in your hand when you pinch yourself and you are complaining about loose skin after weight loss, then the cause of your loose skin is subcutaneous fat.By continuing to lose more weight you will be able to get rid of it and as result tighten your skin. But if you can’t have that sizeable chunk of flesh in your hand then it is only skin that is loose. Therefore you can just deal with skin elasticity. Collagen and elastin need to be taken care of.

Cosmetic procedures

The following nonsurgical procedures can help with loose skin after weight loss as well :

  • CHEMICAL PEELS – During this procedure an outer old layer of the skin is peeled off and the new underlying skin appears with lesser appearance of loose skin, sagging and wrinkles on the face and neck.
  • ABLATIVE LASER RESURFACING – Here also the outermost old layer of the skin is removed and the laser is applied on the underlying skin to warm it and induce the production of collagen which will help with skin elasticity and as such skin tightening.
  • ULTRASOUND SKIN TIGHTENING – Here a focused ultrasound energy is transmitted through the surface of the skin to heat the deep lying layers of the skin. As a result production of collagen is promoted.
  • RADIOFREQUENCY TREATMENTS – This procedure uses transfer of energy as well. It focuses on the outer layer of skin. The outer layer of the skin is heated to induce collagen production.
  • IPL AND RF COMBINATION TREATMENTS – This is a combination of intense pulse light and radio-frequency to heat the deep lying layer of the skin and the outermost layer of the skin to induce collagen production.

Body – contouring surgeries/Botox

This are somehow more extreme methods of dealing with loose skin after weight loss. They are also referred to as tuck or lift surgeries.

These surgeries involve incision and removal of stubborn fat and loose skin. They are usually used after all the other methods have failed. These surgeries require hospital stay followed by home recovery time.


We should bear in mind that there is normally two reasons why we end up with loose skin after weight loss. The first being losing too much weight in a short space of time and the other is the subcutaneous fat that remains under the skin even after substantial weight has been lost.

You must know that factors like, age, the duration you have been obese, amount of weight lost and time taken to lose weight will determine the extent and the duration of loose skin after weight loss. I say this because loose skin after weight loss does tighten back after some time. Approximately in two years time. But if you are much older chances are slim because your collagen and elastin that are responsible for skin elasticity are at their detoriation stages.

Also the quicker you lose weight the more severe will be the problem of loose skin. And the longer you have carried the lost weight the more time it will take for loose skin to tighten back on its own. And also the more weight you carried before weight loss the more severe will be the loose skin problem.


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    1. Hi Alison, thanks for taking time to read my post. In answering your question I will say yes of course loose skin after weight loss does resolve on its own in time.

      If you look at my conclusion on the very same topic you will see that I have outlined time and factors regarding the tightening back of the loose skin after weight loss.


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