How to lose weight through hypnosis -ultimate weight loss solution.

Contrary to what most people regard hypnosis,it is a therapy whereby a patient has a full control of decision making.Hypnosis has been known as a therapy in which people are made to do strange things and as such do things against their will,because they are being tricked to do those things.But in this topic”How to lose weight through hypnosis – ultimate weight loss solution” I will be clarifying what hypnosis really is, and its impact on weight loss.

“How to lose weight through hypnosis -ultimate weight loss solution” article is focusing on different aspects of hypnosis in relation to weight loss,such as, what weight loss hypnosis is, success rate, who should try it,how it works,down side of it,its perks and also whom it doesn’t work well for .I have coined it an ultimate weight loss solution because it is regarded as a solution to those who have tried so many things in trying to lose weight but to no avail.

Weight loss hypnosis brings about discipline and self control to individuals struggling with self control.Especially when it comes to weight loss treatments,but also with regard to other life issues.I have an understanding that obesity is one of the international troubling issues. And people are trying so many things to overcome it,but some just don’t win and only few people are aware of weight loss hypnosis.Hence the topic”How to lose weight through hypnosis -ultimate weight loss solution”

  What is weight loss hypnosis

Hypnosis is a therapy session. Nothing like what you see in movies – a circus trick. It is unlike what many people have come to know it.That you will be made to do something against your will, something strange or harmful. It is just a focused attention. There is no way you will do what you don’t want to do. It is a light trance like the one most of people enter into when a friend is seriously narrating a very nice story to them and they are just mentally not there.

Therefor in hypnosis you just focus in that inward attention in a helpful way. Hence I mentioned above that it is just an inward self focused attention. It also works well with other weight treatments and does not involve any pills, powders or supplements. As I have already mentioned in my introduction, it usually comes as a solution to those who have tried everything to lose weight but to no avail. Maybe due to lack of discipline or lack of courage, etc.

How weight loss hypnosis works

According to Traci Stein, PHD, MPH, a health Psychologist ASCH-certified in Clinical Hypnosis and the former Director of Integrative Medicine in the Department of Surgery at Columbia University, weight loss hypnosis is not a diet but a tool that helps you to be successful with eating nutritious foods and exercising.

Traci Stein elaborate more and say, weight loss hypnosis helps people to experience in a multi-sensory way what it feels to be strong, fit, slim and in control and overcome their mental barriers to achieving those goals.

Weight loss hypnosis also helps people to resolve underlying psychological problems causing them to hate exercising, experience intense craving, binge at night or eat mindlessly.

Weight loss hypnosis further teaches people to think about food as a solution to hunger and not emotional solution. New behaviour patterns are developed to deal with emotions and life matters.

The program would include the following :

  • Taking individual case history and relevant background information.
  • Looking at the causes of weight gain.
  • Structured session plan based on your goals and needs.
  • Explanation of the body physiology and how to lose weight for good – (diets don’t work).
  • Direct suggestions to help you make healthy choices.
  • Teaching you to feel good about yourself.
  • Teaching you everything about food issues.
  • Resolving deeper issues that prevent you from losing weight.
  • Programming your metabolism and hormones for you to reach your ideal weight.
  • Exercising motivation where desired.
  • Printing of hand outs with interesting and relevant information each week.

Success Rate. 

-In 1996 the University of Connecticut found that 90% cases of weight loss hypnosis report weight loss and keep it.

-In 1986 Journal of Consulting & Clinical Psychology found that hypnosis is 30 times more effective for weight loss.

-It was further found in 1985 by Journal of Consulting & Clinical Psychology that HYPNOSIS FOR WEIGHT LOSS continue to have a significant weight loss effect even two years later.7

The downside of weight loss hypnosis.

It is expensive and not covered by insurance companies unless it includes mental health issues diagnosis.The more sessions you attend the more expensive it is. But would be less expensive if you are a kind of a person that requires lesser number of sessions. Unfortunately one only discovers whether they will need more or less sessions when they are already in the process. And usually by that time there is nothing you can do but to continue with the process.

Some Hypnotists charge about $354.30 for a full program which is a six session program, with a first session taking 2 hours and follow-up sessions taking 1 hour each. You are normally allowed to either pay for a full program or pay per session.

Who should try weight loss hypnosis

  • Anyone who has trouble sticking to a healthy diet and exercise program, because they can’t seem to shake their negative habits off.
  • Anyone looking for a gentle way of losing weight and more healthy eating habit.
  • A person who has tried other methods of losing weight to no avail can apply this method with other methods or just stick to it alone.

Perks of weight loss hypnosis

According to Peter LePort, MD, a Bariatric Surgeon and Medical Director of Memorial Care Center for Obesity in California – when dealing with obesity you first need to deal with any underlying metabolic or biological causes. And if you do that using hypnosis it kick start healthy.

Another healthy perk of hypnosis is that it can really help reduce stress and increase mindfulness which in turn help in weight loss.

Whom it does not work well for

A 2012 Stanford study revealed that about a quarter of people simply cannot be hypnotized and contrary to popular belief it is their brain nature that causes that and not their personalities. Such people as:

  • Not prone to daydreaming
  • Finding hard to get engrossed in a book or movie
  • Not considering themselves as creative.


In concluding I will like to refer to the case of one Georgia 28,Who when  interviewed stated that she was a foodie and hated exercise,explained that she was surprised when she was told by her hypnotist that she could eat any kind of food but in moderation, no food off the limit. She was also told to eat anytime she felt hungry and not to starve herself. And she achieved a great deal of results.

Having said that describes hypnosis for weight loss as a kind of weight loss program that allows you to eat any kind of food. It can also be taken together with other kinds of weight loss programs.


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