How to lose leg fat and tone those legs -diet and exercise

First of all,what is a leg?a human leg for that matter.Well in science terms a leg is part of a body starting from below the knee down to the ankle.But in terms of this article a leg starts from the waist down to the foot.How to lose leg fat and tone those legs as a topic will be dealing with body parts,like butt,thighs ,calves,knee,ankle and all the muscles that build those parts up.

We will in this article be looking into ways to lose leg fat and tone those legs.Yes,we will be looking into two vast ways of doing it,namely:DIETING and EXERCISING. I have seen so many times people with  well sculptured upper bodies,well toned and muscled up.But when I took a look to their legs I’had found something totally different.Legs so relaxed,not toned nor muscled,just an opposite of the same body.I think the reason for that is that most people tend to focus more on working their upper bodies and forget about the most important part of their bodies. Thus, lower bodies. Or maybe they just don’t know which exercises are right for the lower body.

Well our article, how to lose leg fat and tone those legs is meant to deal with that issue.But as you can see here we will be looking at toning and not exactly at muscling up.Slight difference heh!!Here we include both males and females,because we are aware that females don’t necessarily favour muscling up,but they are in favour of toning and males don’t have problem with either of them.


We all know that no matter what we do in our lives food is always playing a big role.Therefore we can’t deal with the issue at hand without looking at what we take in as food.Under this heading we will be touching at reducing calorie intake.

Reducing calorie intake

There are many ways of reducing calorie intake.But in this article we are against starving being one of the ways for reducing calorie intake.Having said that,we will be discussing healthy ways of reducing calorie intake,such as eating smaller portions,drinking water before eating,hunger suppressant supplements,proteins,eating mindfully,using smaller dishing plates,cutting down or out alcohol,cutting out starches and unhealthy sugars.

Eating smaller portions

Eating smaller portions will go a long way in helping to reduce your calorie intake.As we all know,eating too much food leads to too much calorie intake which in turn leads to simply put,obesity.Obesity will normally affect every part of the body,including legs.But most people turn to put more effort on shedding those extra kilos on the upper body.Forgetting that our legs are our pillar of strength,we stand on them,we walk on them,we use them so much more than most of our body parts.

So when we eat lesser food portions,we end up in most cases reducing our calorie intake.And as such fat storage will be lessened and weight reduced as a result and obviously the same will happen with our legs.

 Drinking water before eating

It helps a lot drinking water before eating in that it will also help you reduce your calorie intake.If you drink water before eating you are most likely to feel a bit full. Therefore you are no more going to eat so much food.That takes you back to the heading above,thus eating smaller portions and reducing calorie intake.

Hunger suppressant supplements

Hunger suppressant supplements will also help you reduce calorie intake in that they make you feel full. Therefore you will not feel the urge of eating now and then As a result fewer calories will be taken.


Most proteins though they are not necessarily hunger suppressant they turn to make you feel full for longer as well.Beside being so beneficial in so many ways.They boost metabolism and that leads to your body working to its optimal rate.As a result more carbs will be used up and not stored as fats.

Eating mindfully

Most people are unaware that eating absent-minded leads to  overeating.Resulting to more calorie intake .Thus eating whilst watching tv,chatting on the phone or discussing some issues. Therefore we should guard against eating absent-minded if we are to reduce calorie intake.

 Using smaller dishing plates

This also will help us in a great deal. Since we all know that almost everything we do in our lives is connected to our minds, sometimes our minds trick us into in doing things we are not aware of, but also we are in some instances able to trick our minds  into doing things. Like when you just finished food from a small plate your mind tends to think that you have eaten too much when it is in fact not the case, it is only the plate that was small.

Reducing or cutting out alcohol

Alcohol as we all know is an enemy of health in many ways. But in this case I will link it to obesity. For the fact that it has useless calories and it is mostly taken in large amounts all at once it ends up leading to a storage of fat as well.Therefore if we could cut down or just entirely cut out alcohol we would be reducing calorie intake and as such reducing fat storage. In that manner we are bound to lose weight. In the rest of our bodies, legs included.

Cutting out starches and unhealthy sugars

Starches and unhealthy sugars also lead to the storage of fat in our bodies. Therefore if we want to lose weight we need to cut them out.


Now that we have dealt with the issue of what we should not eat in order to reduce calorie intake, which is a main problem in fat storage, we will under this heading deal with the toning part of our topic. Remember it says how to lose leg fat and tone those legs. We now going to look at exercises we need to do to tone our legs. This exercises focus mainly on legs as defined in our introduction. We look at the following exercises :


This is one of the most popular and most effective leg exercises. It works your butt, thighs and leg muscles. Thus quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. Do this exercise as often as you can, every day to be specific. Four to five days a week. Obviously if you are a beginner you will have to take it slowly so that you don’t punish yourself and end up quitting before you even see the results. But you have to push yourself as hard as you can. We obviously all know that no pain no gain.


This also is one of the most popular and most important leg exercises. It works your knee joint, ankle joint and thighs . You obviously have to do it properly for you to see results. Do it four to five days a week, doing sets and repetitions, alternating it with other leg exercises that will be discussed here.

Jumping jack

This high school P. E/P. T class exercise should not be forgotten when sculpting legs. It does work wonders to your calves and thighs . Although it does have other benefits to your body,but for the purpose of this article we  only look at its benefits with regard to legs. Just make sure you find a right way to do it.


One of the hardest exercises. Although it does work almost on every part of the body, for the purpose of this article we are looking at its impact on the legs and glutes. It is a hard one but you can do it. Just get someone or some videos to teach you how to properly do it.

Running steps

Do not underestimate this olden days workout. It is very beneficial in toning legs. It works your glutes, calves and hips muscles. You just have to push yourself as hard as you can to see results. Make sure you do it properly so that you don’t cause any injuries to your body.


This is one of the most beneficial exercises when it comes to toning legs. In addition to other muscles of the body that it works, it works feet, calves, thighs and butts and feet. That is our total definition of leg, which means it alone works the whole leg. It has many other benefits but for the purpose of this article we stick to the leg benefits.

Sprint and running

Sprinting and running also works most muscles of the leg, namely:hamstrings , quadriceps, calves, glutes, hips. You obviously have to perform them continuously and repetitively in order to see results. There is not much to learn about this kind of exercises, you just need to run extremely fast if you do sprinting and do repetitions of such. And in case of running, run a much longer distance depending on the state of your physique. If you are just starting take it slow up until you can run a much longer distance.

In conclusion, We would like to emphasize that exercising, healthy lifestyle and nutritious diets are what we should go about if we want to see ourselves leading profitable and fulfilling lives. We should make the above discussed  our lifestyle. Because they are not only for losing leg fat and toning those legs but they are also for good health in general.

Having said all of the above, there is, I believe more exercises to tone legs than I discussed in this article . Therefore you might as well go and look for more if you feel like you need more than what has been discussed here.

Lastly, if you feel you have anything to add or ask with regard to this article, feel free to leave your comment below so we can engage and teach one other.


2 thoughts on “How to lose leg fat and tone those legs -diet and exercise

  1. I got some female friends who look like their legs are disproportionate in size in reference to their other body parts like arms. They got too large legs and they’re feeling awkward with the predicament so I’d like to help them out by sharing your suggestions here. There’s nothing wrong in trying, who knows these will gonna help them so they’ll look more attractive to males. I’ve heard a female friend is considering surgery and thankfully, I got into thee suggestions of yours so there’s no need now for leg surgery just to trim down their sizes.

    It will work, there’s a big chance it will work for those ladies as I have implemented some of your suggestions myself. Just the sprints and running, I’ve successfully trimmed the excess fats in my legs.

    1. Hi Gomer, thank your for input. This article has been indeed aimed for those who are distressed by the shape and size of their legs. As you have already mentioned, exercises and diet  really help in many ways in toning legs.You are a living testimony to that.

      Please just keep on encouraging those lovely ladies and soon they will be looking forward to rocking those cheeky pants, cabris and those skirts they love so much. And to top it all, they will be healthy. Yes of course, lovely toned lady legs to appeal to gents. And remember that exercising will also get rid of excessive water that is usually found in the legs. Because sometimes it is not only fats that causes legs to be big. Excessive water also does result in big legs. 

      Thanks Gomer, well appreciated 

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