You just gave birth to a bundle of joy,but now you have mixed emotions.You look at your bundle of joy ,you smile at yourself.But again you look at your bulging tummy,you are filled with some sort of disappointment.Because it is as if you have not delivered yet.You can look at something else as well,topic”how to lose belly fat fast after pregnancy-09 natural tips”.It is directed at you and it will help release your post-pregnancy stress.Which is about bulging tummy even though the baby is born already.

Your tummy is still big, although a little smaller than when you were still pregnant and people will still be asking when are you due,if you don’t act now.You will be so irritated and embarrassed to that question.But don’t worry you are not alone in this.Many women do come across this kind of problem after birth.Therefor I have come up with the topic how to lose belly fat fast after pregnancy solely for women like you and those women who might find themselves in the same situation in future.

How to lose belly fat fast after pregnancy is about nine natural tips to lose belly fat immediately after giving birth.Some of these tips can be applied as early as few hours after birth.While others can be applied few weeks after delivery and yet others can be applied months after delivery and even be taken as lifestyle.Tips to be discussed in this article are natural.With most of them you don’t even need to go outdoors in order to do them.Thus, they are home-based,hassle-free,quick and safe

I have decided to come up with this topic because I know there are some mums out there who are looking at their bulging tummies after birth and say to themselves -this will go away with time.How to lose belly fat fast after pregnancy as an article is aimed at warning you not to make the same mistake of saying your bulging tummy will go away with time.Because I can tell you that instead of that belly flattening with time,it will instead grow bigger with each baby born.

It will be even of more a problem and more stubborn to get rid of,. if you leave it a little longer.Now you will feel even more embarrassed to wear whatever you want to wear.Therefor it is more crucial that you attend to this issue as early as just after delivery.As much as others will say it is easy to shed those post-pregnancy belly fat,don’t be fooled because for others it might just be a highest mountain to climb just like any other body fat to be shed.

But if you follow the tips that will be discussed in this article you are assured positive results because these are experts tips.So come let us look at them:

Reducing sugar intake

This is the most crucial tip you can’t ignore.Reducing sugar intake or even just cutting it out entirely has a big impact on belly fat.Try to avoid added sugars and stick to natural sugars found in fruit.Consider healthy diet as a whole.Stick to nutritious foods that are natural and rich in proteins.Specifically cabbage,it has been seen by experts as helping in decreasing belly fat by boosting your metabolism so that your body can process and digest food easily without accumulating any fats.

Instead of adding sugar to your coffee,tea or cornflakes just add cinnamon.Cinnamon is known to have fat burning properties.You can also add about half a teaspoon of cinnamon in warm water and drink that concoction everyday before bed and before breakfast.

Cutting down on alcohol consumption

It is crucial that you cut down or even just cut out alcohol entirely.Beside having added sugars or other added sweeteners alcohol can interfere with your levels of hormones,which might lead to your body prioritizing fat storage over other tasks.And will be a set back on the goal to be achieved.

Breastfeed excessively

This is a most immediate and most effective way of cutting down weight gain as a whole after pregnancy.Extra calories are burned if you breastfeed,to help your body to produce milk.Therefor, the more you breastfeed the more calories are burned and the more fat are burned as well.So you will lose weight more quickly than someone who doesn’t or does breastfeed but very less.

Because breastfeeding is so closely connected to your hormones it triggers contractions that help shrink your uterus faster and put tension on your abdomen to keep it toned.

Since some of pre-pregnancy fat is meant to help protect you after birth and keep your baby fed,so if you breastfeed they will go away.But in case due to health or some other serious reasons you can not breastfeed unfortunately you can not follow this tip.Because I can not encourage you to do something that will put your life and that of your baby in jeopardy.


Start by doing easy tummy exercises.I know you might be still tired and the whole body might be still aching.Therefor you can’t be hard on yourself and rush things.You are still fragile.Exercises like sit-ups,yoga,squats,leg raises,etc will take you through the process if you can help it.Do them several times a week and increase frequency when you feel the body is ready.Don’t stress your body early after delivery.

But if you feel you are much stronger and enough time has passed,you can consider including high intensity training training program.Thus weight training,resistance training and core strengthening exercises.Although you still can lose belly fat through low-intensity.

High-intensity training program will benefit you as follow:

  • Tone up your body
  • Strengthen your abdomen
  • Reduce back pain
  • Burn excess fat on stomach and thighs

Lime&honey; water,green tea,bottle guord

Water has always been known to help in reducing fat in the body.Thus if you drink enough though.But this time,in addition to drinking enough water everyday, you will add in a lukewarm glass of water, juice of a lemon and a dash of honey,to make lime and honey water mix and drink the water everyday on an empty stomach.

Drink one cup of green tea everyday to see results.It has been proved beneficial in stimulating the metabolism,thereby cutting the extra fat in the tummy.

Drink a glass of bottle guord or lauki everyday.It helps burn excess belly fat and gets you to reach your goal of a flat belly.

Corset,belly wraps,belly tucker belt

The above will keep the tummy in shape and tighten the belly muscles over a period of time.They will also restrict you from eating excess food.

Regular massage

Getting regular tummy massage will work on the cellulite and dilute it so that it is easy to burn by the body.You can get yourself some of the several experienced ladies who do after-delivery massages to help you with massaging.That will help your uterus get into original shape in no time as well.

Avoid stress

It is a known fact that too much stress can lead to weight gain.Therefor this is a crucial time that you avoid stress.Try to put all stressful issues aside up until some future time.So that you can achieve your goal of a pre-pregnancy shape again.

Non-invasive procedure

This is a new technology whereby ultrasound is used to destroy the fat cell in your body and naturally release fat from your body.It is painless and there is no recovery downtime because muscles,tissues and nerves are completely unaffected during this procedure.You will start seeing results as early as two weeks and significant reduction in fat after a month.

In concluding my article I would like to encourage all the mommies that just delivered or are about to deliver those bundles of joy to us.I know it is not an easy task to do but you still do it.You need to know that because of the greatness of your job and its conditions, health experts are always researching ways to make it more possible to do it so that you are not discourage in any way.So, you must keep on reading so that when the time comes finds you well prepared.We really appreciate your presence in this world.We know that we are nothing without you.Take care of yourself.


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