Exercises to lose weight and gain muscles:Body toning

There is sometimes a disappointing part of losing weight.That is loose skin and frail looking appearance due to weight loss..,hence the topic exercises to lose weight and gain muscles:body toning.This article is meant to help people lose weight and at the same time tone their bodies,thus work on the strength and overall body health.

Unlike other ways of losing weight,this is the most healthy and responsible way of losing weight.Because it present your body with various health benefits,physical and mental.It is very important because it as a result prolong your life.We all want to live long,Iam sure.Therefor just exercise to lose weight and gain muscle,tone your body.

I will therefor in this article discuss exercises to lose weight and gain muscles.This exercises will tone your body and you will be proud of your body.And be physically and mentally healthy.And as result enjoy life.Although right diet is also of importance in this regard, my focus will be specifically on exercises.Since I have already discussed diets on my previous articles.

Cardio exercises

Exercises to lose weight and gain muscles:body toning,include inter alia cardio exercises.These are mostly HIIT exercises.HIIT is an abbreviation for HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING.As we all know,there are other types of cardio exercises that are not performed in HIIT.Like walking or endurance running.

The below discussed HIIT exercises are mostly for those people who  want to shed as much calories as possible in a short space of time.Mostly, a reason being that they don’t have enough time to do that.

With these type of exercises you achieve greater results in a very short space of time,because they are usually robust,intense and they normally include repetetions.All of these lead to increased heart rate and as such fast burning of calories.Hence weight loss.

You can achieve with these of type exercises in 10 minutes what someone who will be doing moderate or low-intensity exercise,like walking or endurance running can achieve in two hours or more.

Most of these exercises you can perform anywhere and anytime, even at work.These are the most effective cardio exercises that will definitely help you lose weight.Thus:

Skipping/jumping ropes

This is one of the most effective way of losing weight in that it really makes your heart race.Therefor resulting in strong metabolism,of which we know leads to the burning of fats.

It will be even more effective if you also do the one called double under,because of its extra intensity.You will burn even more fats with this type of skipping rope exercise.Just buy yourself a cheap pair of skipping ropes and you are good to go.

Mountain climbers

This exercise is helpful in burning fats and as a result you lose weight.It works almost on every single muscle of the body if done properly.It is so effective and efficient that you don’t even need any instruments to do it.

The repetitions thereof will just accelerate heart rate and that is when fats are burned,you can try it at home.It is not so difficult but results are great.It strengthen bodycore as well.

Running stairs

People tend to underestimate the benefits of running the stairs,not knowing that it has a huge impact on the intensity of your workout.One can lose about 300 calories in just 10 minutes of running stairs,depending of cause on your weight.

This type of cardio exercise is very good for avoiding injuries that are usually incurred running on a flat ground.The exact motion works muscles differently than running on flat ground,which tend to strengthen areas that are neglected when running on flat ground.


Burpees challenge every part of the body.As such your heart rate will just sky rocket in no time and that is exactly what is needed to burn fats.Hence one can burn about 10 calories per minute with the repetitions of about 10 to 20 per minute.

Jump lunges

Jump lunges will get your heart pounding in no time and that will definetly burn a lot of calories.Researches show that you will burn 12 calories per minutes.Hence a good exercise to lose weight.It is a polyometric exercise that target a vast number of body parts.See picture below

Jump squats

This exercise is also a polyometric exercise that target body parts such as glutes,quats and hamststrings.It also serves as a cardio exercise because of rapid repetitions involved,going up and down in squats.It also burn a lot of calories in no time.Therefor good for losing weight.

Speed skater lunge

This is an intense exercise and it’s better cardio than you think.It is an excellent fat burner and booster for the metabolism in addition to working gluteal muscle,legs,and postural assisters in a way that very few exercises can.See picture below:

Crab plank

Add this exercise to complete your workout.It is also a core-boosting exercise.Add side to side crab-walking movements to it to make it a legit cardio exercise and more intense.You just need enough room to walk yourself to one side using your hands and feet,after holding a plank position.You can use your hands or your elbows as shown in a picture below.

Jumping jacks

The primary benefit of this cardio exercise is heart rate elevation.You breath more deeply while jumping,as such more oxygen is delivered to your bloodstream and ultimately to your muscles.In this way you burn fats at a rapid rate,which equals weight loss.Do as many jumping jacks as possible in order for you to see results.


Sprints are not just ordinary running.They are a HIIT type of exercise.They take very short time and space to yield results.Thus having impact on the body.Unlike road running,in which case you would have to take hours and normally cover a long distance before achieving the same results.

Weight resistance exercises

Also called ”STRENGTH TRAINING,” weight resistance exercise is a type of physical exercise whereby body muscles contract due to the external weight or force applied against the body weight.It builds strength,anaerobic endurance,size of skeletal muscles and bone density.

Weight resistance exercises play a vital role in toning the body.That is why one should consider them when planning to lose weight and gain muscles in the same process, thus toning the body.

Since strength training builds muscles,it leads to the improvement of metabolism.Researches have long revealed that strong muscles improve metabolism and improved metabolism results in fat loss and healthy weight.

In addition to aforementioned benefits,strength training also has a lot of health benefits.Thus it can reduce signs and symptons of many chronic diseases such as arthritis,back pain,obesity,heart disease,depression and diabetes.


    • Body weights – Training with little or no equipment,such as in push-ups,pull-ups,planks and legs squats.
    • Medical bags or sand bags – weighted bags
    • Free weights – Barbells,dumbbells,swingbells and kettlebells
    • Weight machines.

    Why both cardio and strength training?

    Hence the topic:exercises to lose weight and gain muscles – body toning and also as already mentioned above,the aim here is not only to lose weight but tone the body as well.Therefor,in that regard we definetly have to do both cardio and strength training,because each has got its own input in the topic.Thus:

    Strength training is strong on building body muscles,thus toning your body.Although it does as well eat up calories in the process it is not so good in burning fats.Therefor if you are going to focus only on it,then you are going to find yourself gaining muscles only and not losing any significant weight as it would be a case as when done together with cardio.

    Also, strength training is good in maintaining weight loss in that calories are burned even many hours after work-outs,while you are sleeping or just lazing around on your couch.

    Cardio exercises specifically burn fats,they not necessarily tone your body.Therefor results you get from doing these exercises are not going to be the same results as in strength training.

    Even though there might be a bit of muscle gain in this instance,it is very insignificant.Since there is insignificant muscle contraction in this kind of training.This kind of exercises are usually fast paced and intense which leads to accelerated heart rate and that is when fats are burned.



    16 thoughts on “Exercises to lose weight and gain muscles:Body toning

    1. This is great advice, I personally use the Insanity workouts by Shaun T. There are many of the exercises that you discuss here, and a nice mix of cardio and strength workouts. He has another workout called T25 if you are just getting started and are not ready for the moves in Insanity, or in his latest workouts he has one person specifically for modified versions of his moves so that anyone can do them.

      1. Hi Trav,I thank you for introducing ShaunT to us.I will have to check T25 and Insanity,maybe I might find something more to add on what I already have.

        Thanks Trav,keep well.

    2. Hi, you have a good point that the down side of loosing weight quickly is that you tend to look skinny and frail instead of healthy. When done correctly, weights are so helpful with maintaining muscle mass (and looking toned) without bulking up. It would be great to see some more photos of each exercise you recommend for cardio exercise. I personally use leg bands to help create resistance when I exercise at home using just my body weight. It has made a massive difference to my results. Have you used resistance bands?

      1. Hi Gigi,I appreciate it that you also are aware of the downside of losing weight and the fact that it can be avoided or be reversed through training.To be honest with you I have never seriously done bands, but as you have stated that they are effective,I will give them a try.I will also look at adding more photos for each exercise discussed, as you suggested.

        Well appreciated,keep up a good work of keeping fit.

    3. Hello there, We have lots of exercise to loss weight and various ways to gain muscle. However, Cycling is great for people of all fitness levels and can be done outdoors on a bicycle or indoors on a stationary bike. It has been linked to various health benefits, including increased insulin sensitivity and a reduced risk of certain chronic diseases, also walking, jugging helps as a simple way to loss weight. 

      1. Sure Pat, I agree with you. Especially with regard to stationary bike. Outdoors bicycle might however come across some hiccups during your training due to some for example, traffic in a street and you might end up not doing exactly what you planned to do in that particular session. And also walking and jogging will take you a bit longer time before you can realize your goals.But of course, as you have already said there is lots of exercises out there but they differ there and there. 

        Thanks Pat, well appreciated 

    4. Great list of exercises! I’ve done mountain climbers, burpees, and jump squats before. Man do there ever give you a workout! They are really great exercises that you can do at home just using your own bodyweight too. Also as you mentioned they work out more than one part of your body at a time so that’s an added bonus. I didn’t know about the speed skater lunge before reading your article so I’ll be giving that one a try. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Hi Sam,I thank you for your input.I like it very much when we keep fit because in doing so we become healthy.Yes speed skater lunges is a very efficient cardio exercise.Try it,you wont regret but will see greater results.


    5. I love high intensity training. It is keeping me fit and I also do some weight training as well, arms are tight and I can eat more because of that 😉 i love jumping ropes the most. I can do that in my back yard and the rope itself is very affordable and I can take it anywhere. Crab plank is also another one of my favorite, very practical and perfect when I am traveling. Thanks so much for the list of ideas and exercise.

      1. Nattanee,there you are.If anyone was sceptical of the exercises I discussed on my content they should just get it from you.I get a sense that you are indeed getting results from these exercises.Thanks Nuttanee,keep up a good work.Keep on keeping fit my girl.THAT’S HEALTHY.

        KEEP WELL

    6. I just wish I found your article two weeks ago because my kid brother was actually searching for affordable body toning program. He asked me for information on effective exercises that can help him lose weight and also gain muscles. 

      But I will contact him immediately and share this vital blog post. 

      I really love your specific point that High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is good for people go don’t have a lot of time and so aspire to shed as much calories as possible within a short space of time. 

      I am impressed to learn that double under skipping rope exercise can help burn fats. Thanks again for this very valuable article.

      1. Hi John,thanks for your comment my man.Of course,double under skipping rope does wonders when it comes to burning fats.The trick is increased heart rate which equals burning fats.I  believe your little brother knows that dedication always comes into equation in everything we do if we are to see results we desire.

        I wish you and your brother well in your endeavour                                                                                                        Thanks

    7. Thanks for the amazing tips. I really like that these are the kind of exercises you can do at home instead of getting a gym membership and signing up for a 2-year commitment. I also like that they are easy to learn and practice.
      Thank you for the awesome message.

    8. I’ve been dealing with obesity almost all my life. It is an everyday struggle if you had this problem like I had. One of the reasons I overcomed it was I started exercise regularly. I did almost all of the exercises you suggested on your list. Doing it one day was not the problem. But doing it almost everyday was a real big deal for me.

      Only after achieving that, we are able to properly reach our ultimate goals and success.


      1. What a motivation Stra.What you have just said will surely motivate those that are still struggling with obesity. They will understand that obesity can be beaten through exercises discussed in my article.

        Thanks Stra, keep up the good work!

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